Nude - An unclothed live model, or a work of art representing a person without clothing.

In this page I present my latest work, artistic nudes perteining to the renaissance humanism art movement.

This series will continue growing.

That movement gave priority to human endeavors, their values, capacities, worth, interests, needs, and welfare, rather than to those of the Gods, the spirits, the animals, or any other non-human thing.

The term is frequently qualified as "Renaissance humanism," which is characterized by a love of the achievements of the Greco-Roman world, an optimism that humans are inherently endowed with the skills necessary to reshape the world according to their own needs, and a belief in inherent human dignity.

It is in this time and age when we have to revalue and re-evaluate these concepts.

While the Renaissance humanists did not see their enlightened self-interest as a contradiction of their Christianity, a few recent demagogues identify "secular humanism" as a tacitly atheistic preoccupation with human affairs.

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axis in red


do not enter

i me myself

nude one

the blue ball


eye shadow

5 AM levitation # 1

5 AM levitation # 2

5 AM levitation # 3