In this page I want to make a note of some issues that should be of our everyday attention,
like racism among humans or the gradual extinction of our natural resources.
Also some links for you to enjoy; and if you think there is a web site worth listing here,
that has to do with these two topics, please e-mail me letting me know and i will add it up.
Check these ones out!

The following text is not going to save
any endangered species on our earth,
but will make you realize a grosso modo what is going on.




animal planet

national geographic society




world society for the protection of animals


best wildlife and animals sites

This text has quotes
on what is racism
or what is being a racist.
If you identify yourself with any of this
definitions, then it's time to change.



UN secretary general on racism

crosspoint anti-racism

yds and UN conference against racism

artists against racism

human rights documentation center

groups against racism

stop the hate